We can boost revenue by $10,000 during the first 90 days for DUI and Criminal Defense lawyers by providing extremely qualified leads to high paying clients when they need to talk to the lawyer most which makes them highly likely to convert and be very happy about it.


We leverage your existing contacts to generate new business for your DUI and Criminal Defense practice when those clients need you most. We increase access to justice by connecting Individuals who are arrested for a crime with lawyers when they need them most.

Customers who use us


Connect with your client when they need you most and increase client appreciation immediately.

“When we get a lead from First Alert Legal and call, prospective client is so grateful to hear from us because they’re lost and worried and pretty much cut off from the outside world while they’re in jail. Because we have a prior relationship with them they are instantly comforted and reassured that someone is working to get them released.”

Office Manager – TM Anderson Law Firm, LLC


Convert more leads because they are extremely qualified and ready to hire for a DUI or other serious criminal charge.

“We’ve been using First Alert Legal for over a year now and it’s resulted in $5,000-$15,000 in new business each month from clients who may have used us for a traffic ticket but didn’t realize we also do DUI, or hired us for a DUI but didn’t realize that we also do felony criminal defense. And they’re always grateful that we call.”

Principal – Law Offices of Ziad I. Youssef, PLLC


Stop chasing leads and let the software do it for you so you can spend more time pursuing your passion.

“We recently started using First Alert Legal for leads and it’s meant that my weekends were much less preoccupied with finding leads because the software was doing it for us.”

Principal – TM Anderson Law Firm, LLC